What is Deveo TV?

Deveo TV (developer video) illustrates how to build cool things with modern web tech, using screencasts. The site covers areas like front-end web development, single page apps, and functional programming.


Screencasts are a powerful medium for learning, and sometimes much quicker and more efficient at conveying ideas. I first came across Ruby on Rails in 2005 by watching a short video which showed how to create a blog with Rails in 5 minutes. I got very excited and thought "I can do that!" and dove right into learning Rails. There are many other frameworks, tools, and languages which deserve that same treatment, and we hope to cover them here.

Is it worth it?

If the content is useful in your daily work and saves you even one hour of time, your subscription pays for itself many times over. If you are still learning to program, aims to teach practical, in-demand web technology — valuable skills that companies are looking for.

Who are you?

I'm Scott Becker. I've been building full stack web applications for many years. I enjoy learning and wanted to create a site for others who like to learn as well.